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Sorry I haven’t been posting anything later… I’m still on summer vacations and everytime I tried to update tumblr it was over capacity…
Anywayy this is gonna be my last year of school and I’m gonna have classes in the morning and the afternoon :(
I’m also moving so my life is a mess.
just so you know I won’t stop posting on tumblr but maybe it might take a while to post because of… everything

/\ I make my friend’s words as mine (except for the moving part, I’m not doing that). This year will be hard to enter in the computer (in fact, I won’t enter AT ALL, cause I want to pass to a great  university, and that’s a REALLY HARD task), so please don’t unfollow me )): I promise you that next year things will be different, and I’ll be posting lots more of Tangled, Gossip Girl and funny & cute cats :) Bye for now, have a great year :/

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Text 4 Dec 7,828 notes Sou desses que reclama de fome, mas continua no computador ao invés de ir procurar comida.

Que reclama de sono, mas continua no computador ao invés de ir dormir. 

Que reclama das notas, mas continua no computador ao invés de estudar.

Que reclama da velocidade da internet, mas continua no computador.

Que reclama do computador, mas continua no computador. 

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Text 4 Dec 6 notes Got songs from Phantom of the Opera in my head…





And he’ll always be there singing songs in your head… he’ll always be there singing songs in your head…

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